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Starry Sky


Transformational  Health  for  Womxn

A Revolutionary Group Medical Visit

Sassafras represents a deep, necessary shift in Primary Care.  

As a child, Dr. Byrne's nickname was Sassafras. In herbal medicine, this tree is used medicinally to "uplift the spirit" and "bring light;" her mission is to redefine Primary Care and build a health culture of the following 4 missing ingredients, starting with the Sassafras Group Medical Visit: EMPOWERMENT, JOY, NATURE and COMMUNITY.

Dr. Byrne will be joined by Sara Cyr, Health Consultant and Peggy Huddleston Certified Facilitator, in welcoming all women and those identifying as women to join us for an insurance-based drop-in group medical visit dedicated to helping you transform your health in ways that are deep, joyful, and lasting.  Sessions will be offered seasonally (one moon cycle per season); dates will be announced in our newsletter. 















We will be harnessing the power of nature to amplify our work by synchronizing our weekly themes with the cycles of the moon. 


New Moon - When the sky is dark, we will focus on utilizing introspection and intuition to create and clarify a specific health goal.

Waxing Moon - When the moon is growing, we will utilize visualization and symbolic action to plant the seeds in moving toward a health goal.

Full Moon - When the moon is its brightest, we will use playfulness and connection to celebrate our accomplishments and infuse our goal with joy.

Waning Moon - When the moon is darkening, we will release potential obstacles that keep us from our health goal and invite in the energy of gratitude.

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