A Joyful Approach to Wellness

We provide evidence-based and open-minded primary care to help families grow strong roots of wellbeing.

We want all families to be healthy through a more balanced and empowered approach to their wellness.

our philosophy

Compassionate Care

We understand that your health is your priority. That’s why we always have your best interests at heart. We might be doctors, but we want you to feel like you’re one of our own: cared for, understood, and supported. We work with you to find safe, effective and holistic solutions to your healthcare needs.


When families visit a clinic that is singularly focused, they can feel vulnerable, discouraged or misunderstood. That’s why we always create a space for you to feel seen, heard and empowered, no matter your circumstance. We are a judgment-free zone and will help you navigate your wellness needs with curiosity and open-mindedness.


We take the time to listen so we can fully understand your needs and concerns. This ensures you have complete ownership of your wellness journey. You’ll never feel rushed in our hands and we’ll offer you patience and kindness every step of the way.

A Balanced Approach

We see you as a whole person with your own story, not just an illness to attend to. We’ve personalized our treatments and services to offer a balanced, evidence-based approach to our care, utilizing both natural healing modalities and modern medicine. Human beings are multifaceted and unique. Why shouldn’t your healthcare be?

Our Membership Model

We offer a unique, affordable membership-based model for our medical practice so you can receive top-of-the-line primary and alternative care, while still taking advantage of health insurance benefits that other holistic providers may not accept.

Your annual membership fee gives you access to a diverse body of care for personalized, choice-based wellness support. You also get full access to the Good Health Online Library which lets you explore a range of trustworthy knowledge and expertise on supplements, herbal medicine, exercise, sleep, nutrition and more, so you feel fully informed and deeply supported.

Non-members can still access some of our specialty care services, but only membership grants you the full spectrum of services and offerings.

Our Services

Our vast collection of membership services means you have more freedom to feel like the very best version of you.

Primary care

We take the time to listen.

Our evidence-based solutions center around deep listening, curiosity and getting to know you, not just your ailment. We care about our Root Families and work in partnership with our patients so they can walk out the door feeling heard and empowered with options.

Osteopathic Medicine

Your body has an innate ability to heal.

Osteopathic medicine is built on the understanding that our entire body is connected. This guides us to the root of a problem – from chronic muscular pain and ongoing headaches to stiffness and more. Together, we take baby steps toward good health.

Herbal & Functional Medicine

Where nature and lifestyle meet modern medicine.

We work with you to find the underlying cause of your symptoms so you can feel better and enjoy life. Whether it’s a change in diet and exercise or bespoke recommendations for supplements or medication, we create actionable, accessible solutions in a safe, calming and family-friendly space.


Traditional Chinese Medicine for a positive energy practice.

We understand the desire to embrace treatments beyond Western medicine. There are a number of benefits to acupuncture and our gentle, explorational approach allows us to offer comfortable and effective treatments when you’re in need of – or simply curious about – alternative care.

Cosmetics & IV Vitamin Therapy

Feel good inside and out.

Our balanced approach to health and wellness means we offer a variety of services to help you feel good. We offer cosmetic botox as well as IV vitamin therapy to help give your energy and body a boost when you need it most.