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Resources to Help Us Cope with COVID-19


FREE Resources:

Dr. Lee's Guided Breathing Exercises

Our own Dr. Lee guides us through breathing practices to help us reduce anxiety surrounding COVID-19.

Sara Cyr's Guided Relaxation and Visualization

Relaxation supports the germ-fighting arm of our immune system. Let Sara Cyr lead you on this relaxing journey through a forest.

Breathing Exercises for Kids and Teens by Andraly Horn

Check out the Root Family Medicine YouTube page for Andraly's breathing techniques for kids and teens, like the taco breath and bigfoot breath!  You can't miss Dr. Lee's cameo...

Affordable Resources:

Dr. Byrne and Sara Cyr's Immune Boost - or Balance?

A fun hour-long recorded workshop to explore and create your personalized health plan with 7 key ingredients for immunity. It includes:

  • Guided relaxation and visualization

  • Education and Focus

  • Self-reflection

  • Action Plan handouts

100% of the proceeds of this $24 workshop will support keeping Root Family Medicine running and providing employee salaries.

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