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The following information is meant to help ground us all in factual information, not to cause fear or panic. We will be updating our site regularly as we receive more information and have more resources to share with you. 

COVID-19 information

  • The virus is spread via respiratory droplets as well as (less commonly) via contact with objects that harbor the virus followed by touching your mouth nose or eyes.

  • It seems more likely to spread with closer and/or prolonged contact with someone who carries the virus.

  • Community spread means that it can be transmitted by people with no symptoms who are unaware that they are infected by the virus.

  • Common symptoms are: fever, dry cough and shortness of breath.

  • Other symptoms can include body aches, fatigue, anosmia (loss of sense of smell), and occasionally vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Symptoms occur 2-14 days after exposure.

What can I do?

  • Reduce your Risk - consider the potential viral load of activities outside your home - for example, outdoor activities are safest, especially when masks are worn and you are able to social distance; your chances of viral load is higher in enclosed spaces and in prolonged close contact with others. 

  • Wear a mask when you leave your home.

  • Wash your hands frequently. Do not wear gloves unless cleaning or caring for someone who is sick.

  • Take great care of yourself! Eat whole foods, stretch, take baths, take your vitamins, get outside in nature, connect (virtually!) with friends...see our resources here.

What if I have symptoms of COVID-19?

  • Anyone with a symptom consistent with COVID-19 is eligible to be tested at Newton-Wellesley.  Please call the office to schedule a virtual visit in order to have an order placed for the nasopharyngeal swab.

  • STAY HOME and avoid contact with others the best you can, including pets.

  • If your symptoms are worsening, call our office. You may qualify to be seen at Newton-Wellesley's Respiratory Infection Clinic.

  • Go to the Emergency Room if you or a loved one are having severe symptoms which include: difficulty breathing, prolonged chest pain, bluish lips or face, or confusion.  You can call our office if you are unsure if your symptoms are severe enough to warrant a visit to the Emergency Room. 

Should I get an antibody test?

  • Although antibody testing for COVID-19 is now available through Newton-Wellesley labs, it is NOT yet recommended.

  • Results of antibody testing may not be accurate (especially without a history of a COVID-like illness) and do not guarantee future immunity.

  • Any requests for antibody testing require a virtual office visit.

  • Please be aware that some insurance companies are not covering the antibody test.

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