Root Family Medicine is committed to bringing our approach to more of you!  Even if we are not your primary care physicians, you have so much power to heal yourself and we can give you the tools to do so.

Spread the word to your friends and family, share this knowledge and help us branch out by checking out the links below!

1. EMPOWERMENT ~ We can only achieve health if we are affirmed to be in charge of our own bodies and given a voice. The Sassafras visit is designed to help women uncover their own health goals and build a life in alignment. We will balance evidence-based medicine with personal intuition and utilize mind-body techniques to harness epigenetics and express our best selves. 

2. JOY ~ Dr. Byrne believes that a healthy lifestyle materializes with more ease when the process is joyful and incorporates pleasure. The Sassafras Group Visit will instill a fun and positive approach to realizing our health goals.



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